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View the introductory video to learn about basic setup. Scroll down for more detailed information on setup and usage.

Basic Setup

Basic Setup

Connect HDMI cable between Cynap Pure Mini and display monitor or projector


Optional (only for touchscreen users):
Connect USB cable between Cynap Pure Mini and display monitor to use touch functionality


Plug in power supply


Power on the device and start screen sharing

Advanced Setup: Mirroring modes

Select your own environment to view relevant diagrams and setup information

Mirroring Mode Meeting Room

Meeting Room - Integration into company network and pin protected guest access

Cynap Pure Mini is connected via WIFI to external AP ("Infrastructure Mode"), MS-MICE is active & Cynap Pure Mini is connected via LAN to external AP, MS-MICE is active

Mirroring Mode Classroom

Classroom - Integration into school network & Access Point & enable Internet Routing & Protected Mode

Access Point of Pure Mini is active & Cynap Pure Mini is connected with LAN to external AP

Mirroring Mode University

University - Integration into university network & Eduroam network & Bonjour Service blocked

Cynap Pure Mini is connected via WIFI to external AP ("Infrastructure Mode"), MS-MICE is active & Cynap Pure Mini is connected via LAN to external AP, MS-Mice is active

Cynap Pure Mini FAQs

  • Administrators have an additional option “Forgot your password”:
    If you have forgotten your administrator password, for security reasons, please contact your dealer or WolfVision (email preferred) in order to reset it. You will need to have your serial number and support PIN available in order to request the reset.
    Support Pin Cynap Pure Mini
  • Please note:
    Access to the unit is required, the administrator password cannot be reset remotely. The option “Forgot your password” is available on an HDMI-connected monitor only. Use a touchscreen, optional remote control, or USB mouse and keyboard to perform the reset.
  • There are two ways to restrict wireless presentation of content - pin protection and protected mode.
    • Pin protection prompts the user wishing to connect wirelessly to enter a pin. This pin is displayed on-screen in the room (ie. on the HDMI output only). It cannot be seen when Cynap Pure Mini is accessed remotely via a browser. Note: Chromecast does not offer pin protection.
    • Protected mode restricts any inbound wireless connections until a pre-defined button is selected in the Control Center. When the button is selected, Cynap Pure Mini waits for the next inbound wireless connection for a pre-defined time, and then opens the first inbound wireless presentation content it receives. The ‘Mirror’ button must be selected each time, in order to allow a new piece of wireless content to be shared onto the main display screen.
    • For more information, see Help Mirror Settings
    • For more information on how to configure the “Mirror” button, see Help Peripheral Control
      Support Peripheral Control
  • Open vSolution Link Pro in your browser
  • At the login prompt, enter your username into the “Name” section
  • Select Reset password
  • A recovery link will be sent to the defined email address
  • Follow the link to enter a new password
  • Check the local network infrastructure
  • Reduce network traffic, eg. by disabling 4K support
  • Check your network - probably mDNS (e.g. Bonjour) services, or necessary ports are blocked
  • Use vSolution App to register the unit manually
  • Use AirPlay Bluetooth device discovery
  • Enable Cast ID for the network interface used. Enter this ID (displayed in the top status bar of the screen) to connect with the vSolution App application.
  • Check that your Windows computer has the latest Windows version, and that all updates are installed
  • Earlier Windows versions may not support all features
  • Check the encryption standard of the wireless connection used. Encryption standards WPA2-PSK, or WPA2-Enterprise are required
  • For security, Microsoft devices automatically deactivate MS-MICE in open wireless networks
  • Check the necessary ports for MS-MICE. For more information, check the Network Integration Guide forCynap Pure Mini

Visit our main Support Area for detailed information, technical specifications, firmware, manuals and other materials.


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